Natural Cure for Diabetes Type 2

diabetes mellitus

  Natural Cure for Type 2 Diabetes If you've been diagnosed with diabetes or even pre-diabetes you are probably wondering if there is a Natural Cure for Diabetes Type 2. Type 2 Diabetes is also known as simply diabetes, sugar diabetes, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. It is a metabolic disease that affects nearly 1/4 of the population, particularly in the modernized world. What is diabetes mellitus and what is the cure for type 2 diabetes?   It is a condition where your blood glucose (sugar levels) becomes either too low (hypoglycemia) or too high (hyperglycemia) and can cause very negative (even fatal) effects on your health if left unchecked! It is very serious condition that you need to take action quickly as the effects can be extremely debilitating, including leg or foot amputation, blindness, diabetic coma or insulin shock.   Here are some of the things that can happen if you leave your diabetes unchecked: Blindness (you can go blind in one or both eyes) Amputation (you can have your feet or legs amputated) Insulin Shock (too much insulin in your blood) Diabetic Coma (too much sugar, elevated glucose levels for too long) Death (if you don't heed the warning signs above) Fortunately there is plenty we can do to stop diabetes from harming you or your loved ones. A little bit of knowledge will allow you to keep your health and even prevent or reverse your diabetes. Watch this Ted Talk video that explains why mainstream medical doctors usually miss …

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Best Diet for Diabetes

diabetic meals

Best Diet For Diabetes You can reverse diabetes type 2 by diet and supplementation alone. The best diet for diabetes is the one that is healthy and balanced, with evenly spaced meals until you're diabetes free! You don't even have to avoid the foods you love and crave, just make sure the timing is right and you can have the best of both worlds (the food you love, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.)  If fact, recent research has proven that if you eat foods in the proper order, you can include your comfort foods as well and not only stop the progression of diabetes mellitus but actually reverse your diabetes completely. You'll discover below the best diet for diabetes and how to eat what you love in the right order to become diabetes free for life, and enjoy life the way you know you should be able to.   I highly recommend resetting your system with a natural colon cleanse before you start the diabetic diet to flush the old toxins out of your body so the new nutrition can take hold and feed your pancreas and organs. That will help your insulin sensitivity so you can start bringing your glucose levels back to a normal and healthy range.     Diabetic Meal Planning Diabetic meal planning is the way you make the best diet for diabetes actually work for you. Having a sound diabetic meal plan is the foundation you need to completely reverse type 2 diabetes. Here are …

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Natural Herbs for Diabetes

diabetes herbs

Natural Herbs for Diabetes Everyone knows there is no cure for diabetes, or so the “experts” say. If you subscribe to the beliefs of conventional medicine that is. Holistic Medicine and Herbal Remedies (choosing natural herbs for diabetes) provide us with a much more pleasant and rewarding scenario. They treat the cause of an illness or condition, not just the symptoms. When you take care of the cause of the issue, the symptoms dissolve for good!   The goal is to cure diabetes not just keep the person coming back for more expensive prescription medications and dangerous medical procedures. All we need to do is to educate ourselves a little on the subject, so we can make better informed decisions. You know your body better than anyone else, and you'll know when something feels right to you. See how well these recommended diabetes herbs mentioned below work for you.     How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally So, on to getting your blood sugar stabilized and completely within normal range (so you can let go of taking painful insulin shots, or harmful prescription medications. Controlling sugar and it's effect on our pancreas and insulin secretion is our first priority. So, how to lower blood sugar naturally?   Sugar is almost everywhere in our diets, and I'm not just talking about the C&H table sugar either. It is in fruits, white bread, tortillas, pasta and increasingly in the form of corn starch or high fructose corn syrup, which just happens to be …

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